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al murray
No-nonsense pub landlord Al Murray tells the terrible tale of Blackbeard the pirate in all its ingloriously gory details! It is the story of a man from mysterious origins, who was foully and wholly corrupted by the vices of a pirate's life. We hear of how his reputation changed from that of a courageous, daring warrior, to a wicked and murderous psychopath.

From the crucial point in his notoriety, the capture of French merchant ship Queen Anne's Revenge, the story builds to a climax with the bloody battle between Blackbeard's Revenge and Robert Maynard's Pearl ships. Awash with legendary anecdotes and historical context, the story is written by naval expert and author Martin Robson.

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Subject: History
Age range: 14+

Duration: 6m 25s
Size: 3.7mb
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